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Amazon India plans to expand Prime with Offline Benefits



Amazon India plans to expand Prime with Offline Benefits

Amazon India is planning to expand its Prime subscription service with offline benefits which would help in the frequent use of the programme. Also, it will gain more customers from small cities and towns.

The news comes after Amazon merged its prime offerings with supermarket chain Whole Foods in the US.

On the basis of the latest report by Jamil Ghani, Amazon’s global prime head stated that the firm is planning to add more prime members from small towns in India and that its assisted shopping initiative called Udaan and the latest launch of the Hindi interface are helping.

Jamil Ghani stated, “(Offline) is definitely an area of interest for us. We are always looking for ways to add Prime benefits, especially with Amazon Pay solutions. (In the US), we are bringing the Prime experience to Whole Foods and the Whole Foods experience to Amazon across the website and Prime Now.”

Prime members in the US get extra discount on a large variety of products at the Whole Foods that firm acquired last year, and also the fast delivery of products from the supermarket chain.

Amazon is working well with the digital payment Tonetag. Amazon has recently purchased it for $5 million in order to provide benefits to Prime members at stores and restaurants.

Currently, ToneTag is working hard to provide prime members a frictionless payment system like the feature to walk out of the store without paying the physical bill. The firm plans to provide “Eat and Go “option in order to use its sound wave technology to instantly generate and pay bills – exclusively to Prime members at about 8,000 restaurants in 12 months.

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This type of feature could also be installed at parking lots at malls and shopping areas, where a Prime member would not have to pay for parking physically.

Amazon India currently consists of more than 10 million Prime users and its targeting to attract more users from small cities and towns. Akshay Sahi, Amazon India head stated, “We have Prime members joining from Udaan to get access to Prime Video and Prime Music. It’s a small percentage but is growing.”

Amazon began the assisted shopping project, internally code-named Project Udaan, as a pilot in 2015. It is now expanded to 14,000 stores in 21 states with large network partners like Storeking and Vakrangee including smaller partners and individual entrepreneurs.

“Udaan has been revolutionary in helping customers come online. It is an idea we are looking to take to other countries,” Ghani said.

The firm lately released a Hindi language interface on its platform in order to attract customers from non-metro cities.

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He stated, “Prime Day 2017 gave exclusive access to local and international brands keyed on the desire for exclusivity that Indian customers have. The reality is that desire is true around the world. We replicated that in all countries around the world this Prime Day and it was massively successful.”

Amazon India also increased the new product launches in the Amazon Prime Day sales event far more than last year. This year, it increased product launches from 30 to 280 on Prime Day.

Amazon introduced hundreds of thousands of products under Prime every day which stood at 40 million products in July when the firm conducted its second prime day in India.

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IT Industry

Indian IT Industry revenue will reach $167 billion in financial year 2018-19




Indian IT Industry revenue will reach $167 billion in financial year 2018-19

Indian IT Industry holds a 37% share in the global outsourcing market, hence the revenue of the Industry will reach $167 billion for the financial year 2019, said its apex body Nascomm on Oct 4.

Nasscom Vice Chairman Keshav R. Murugesh said in its strategic summit that, “The Indian IT and Business Process Management industry revenue, including exports, is set to growth nearly 8 percent annually to $167 billion for 2018-19 from $154 billion in fiscal 2017-18.”

By keeping in mind that the industry is capitalizing on newer technologies and re-skilling, Murugesh stated that the back office segment has the largest back office in the world, generating $32.5 billion revenue with 1.2 million employees across the country.

“The aim is on intelligent operations — process and domain expertise including digital technology. Digital is the key area for clients and service providers while companies eye strategic acquisitions,” said Murugesh.

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As digital technologies are helping to transform the businesses, the industry is renovating to come forth as the hub of the digital solutions. Upskilling of digital, obtaining abilities via mergers and acquisitions or partnerships, developing platforms and products and utilizing centers of excellence in new technologies are essential priorities of the firms.

The summit also emphasized how businesses are taking benefits of arising technologies such as process automation, artificial intelligence, digital communications, internet of things, and cognitive computing to increase profitability, cooperation, and competitiveness.

Murugesh added, “The major row over data privacy needs to be addressed and compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is a regulatory requirement.”

Acceptance of technologies such as Blockchain and AI have helped to improve security, speed and operational efficiencies in various projects.

He further said, “The essential requisite for any firm is to understand how digital technology from chatbots to analytics can provide a real-time picture of customer interactions and provide customer satisfaction. The rise of RPA has also brought a host of opportunities to both organizations and individuals.”

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There are more than 17,000 firms in the country, the industry provides a lot of services, having gained skills and abilities to provide services as per the needs of the customer.

In the last 2-3 years, firms have invested in developing abilities around the new technologies, and have built labs to provide digital services to the customers.


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IT Industry

Alibaba planning to bring its new retail concept in India




Alibaba planning to bring its new retail concept in India

Alibaba is constantly making efforts to expand its cloud business in India, having started its second data centre in the country last week. Also, it is planning to work with players in the retail space to bring its popular ‘new retail’ concept to India. It is also planning to bring the latest technology such as Augmented Reality.

Alibaba Cloud has until now teamed up DLF shopping malls, but it is said to be in talks with various other outlets in India. Vivek Gupta, who is the head of business development for India and Saarc at Alibaba Cloud said, “Retail has been a big focus for us in India.”

He further said, “We are talking to almost every single retail brand in the country. We want to partner with them in their omni-channel journey, as well as strengthen supply chain, offer intelligence on business operations, and enhance customer experience.”

Alibaba’s ‘new retail’ concept developed by the founder Jack Ma, consists of a subjective experience for a customer in a physical store, customer analytics for offline stores to offer matching products, and incorporating online experience at offline stores via customization and deliveries.

“We think these products will meet the needs of the retail industry in the region who are looking to digitize their operations,” Gupta said.

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As per details by a person, augmented reality (AR) is not something due to which Alibaba is planning to bring the retail space in India. Alibaba has released Taobao Buy as an AR experience for shoppers 2 years back.

“In China, Alibaba owns malls, stores as well as online platforms, and we can bring our experience here,” he said.

Other Stakes

Gupta doesn’t mentioned anything about the futuristic plans of AR. He also doesn’t said anything about Alibaba’s Cloud’s Partnership with Paytm Mall. Alibaba is basically an investor in Paytm Mall and its parent company One97 Communications.

Alibaba has also teamed up with Paytm to release the Paytm AI cloud. “Paytm is a key partner in India. We will be the technology enabler in terms of enabling the Paytm AI Cloud” Gupta stated.

Besides retail, Alibaba Cloud wants to target other sectors in the country for adoption. Lastly, Gupta said, “Internet-enabled business around ecommerce, gaming are big business for us. We have seen strong adoption in media and entertainment, as well as in the manufacturing industry.”

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IT Industry

HP plans entry of refurbished computers market in India




HP plans entry of refurbished computers market in India

HP Inc. is probing entry into the refurbished market for personal computers in India as a part of its effort to make affordable products.

Refurbished products are mainly second-hand computer which is repaired to be resold or the products which are made by reusing and recycling various components of various computers.

Sumeer Chandra, MD of HP Inc. India said, “One of the big pillars we are focusing on affordability in India. We know in India we have to give the price value proposition. We are looking at is the refurbished market in India. It is a large market and it is largely unorganized.”

HP is putting great efforts to provide affordable products in India. Lately, the firm released mid-desktops starting at a price range of Rs 19990 for students and educational institutions.

He further added, “We are looking at it and seeing if there is a way we can participate in the market, either by providing our own refurbished product or come up with an alternate product that would compete with the refurbished product.”

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Presently, India has seen a sudden growth in adoption of smartphone with over 350 million users, but PC adoption is still too low. In 2017, less than 10 million PCs were sold in the country. Now, firms are expecting to have 2x more sales.

Chandra hopes that the refurbished market will offer HP an entry into a price concerned segment of the population that has used a smartphone but never used a computer. It will depend on its broad network of support centers in India to repair and resell used PCs.

Chandra also said, “We do believe that if we can provide a quality solution then we can see more customers walk into that, their willingness to try will be much higher and help drive better adoption. It will help acquire new customers, bring in first-time buyers and over time they will buy a new computer.”

As per IDC, HP Inc. has a market share of 32% in PC segment in India as of June 30, 2018. HP’s main purpose is to target first-time-buyers like college students and customers belonging to Tier-II & Tier-III Cities. If more customers will buy computers, then it will also speed up the future of broadband connectivity.

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He stated, “It is a sizeable market. We just started to look at it. For informal players there are decent margins. It is an important market because it is serving a market we are not able to serve – providing products at a lower cost.”

He further said that the discussions are at an early stage and he didn’t have a detailed strategy plan or business models to share publicly.

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